I literally think every single morning about just swapping out for my Kinesis keyboard that is sitting off to my right. For whatever reason I just don’t do it. This is made more weird by the fact that I have literally seen progress in using it. I was really painfully slow with it, and after a few days I became almost passable. It would stand to reason that a few more days and I’d be in the pocket, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I really have the ultimate goal of getting to the point where I can utilize a Dactyl Manuform keyboard as my daily driver. Maybe a part of this is so I can ditch the right-side and game with just the left, but that is not strictly a requirement I guess. More of a desire or something that I just want to try out.

I should just buy one of those keyboards and have it right in my face so I can’t ignore it.

Not that it worked with the Kinesis, but shit, third time is a charm maybe!