I’m sure I have posted this on here at some point, but one of my like bucket list items is to recreate the game Castle of the Winds. It’s a super simple top-down RPG where you traverse through a programmitically-generated dungeon. There are points along the way, like when you hit a specific floor of the dungeon something happens.

The thing that has always held me back is my inability to understand how the dungeon generator works. I can do basically everything else in the game (except the pathfinding, but I assume that knowledge would come with learning the dungeon generator), but the dungeons just have me stumped. I’d like to blame my lack of trying on that, but fuck you know me by now. Motivation is a motherfucker.

What I really need to do is to just start the project and get it so I display the icons on in the window and walk the character around.

I am always surpised at how little progress it takes to make something into a strong motivation. Like this blog, for example. I struggled with getting started back up after more than a month of absence. Then, one day, I just wrote a post. Then another. Then another. Pretty soon I was almost caught up.

Amazing how that shit works to get you past a block. Maybe it would work for the game as well.