And so incredibly hard to not? It probably has a lot to do with the shear number of distractions we all have that are instantly available. Social media, news, blogs, games, movies, tv, whatever. There is always something else to do besides what you are supposed to be doing. Hell, even when you want to do something it is so tempting to do something else that you might find yourself there instead.

Like right now, I just did some tickets and stuff for work. I don’t start work for another 4 hours, but I have a window open with work stuff on it. I noticed that things were backing up a little, so I just smashed out some stuff. Really no reason to do it other than it is something to do.

Perhaps that it is, I need to feel like I am busy, and doing creative shit doesn’t get there. I dunno, it kind of makes sense. I can sit there and do tickets, or maintenance, or like work outside all day no problem. When I get behind on my writing and want to catch up, sometimes it just feels impossible.

Gotta be some way around that. Probably just fucking do it and quit being a bitch about it.