I do find some enjoyment in blogging. My latest side-project (that I really don’t need, but fuck it I guess) is the SkyBlock Blog. On it, I talk about different Minecraft SkyBlock related stuff. So far it’s mostly been Hypixel SkyBlock since that is what I am playing a lot of, but in the future I hope to do some playthroughs and other stuff like that.

I found this really fantastic plugin Yoast SEO, which (even in the free version) gives you a ton of writing tips and shit like that to make your post more SEO friendly. This is all shit I’ve seen before in Grammarly and stuff, talking about using active words and keeping sentances to a particular length and stuff.

Dunno if it is going to go anywhere, but I am having fun with it so I guess that is all that matters.

Oh, and according to some posts I’ve read elsewhere, making at least 2 posts a week will make Google happy, so that is what I’m aiming for. I probably should batch it out like I do here and schedule the posts to go up at different times. I’ve tried to do that with YouTube before and it didn’t work, but maybe this time will be different.