I didn’t really have another idea for a title here, though in all honesty I am just trying to do these as much as I can to get caught up. Though I am pretty far behind, I think I can catch up.

My users are having an issue with the XenApp hosts I created last year where a couple of preferences aren’t saving correctly; namely .PDF with Acrobat and the defaults for Chrome. Nothing I have tried works, including a fucking login script that sets the associations manually. Really frustrating.

I ended up just creating a storefront application that users can launch to manually set those associations. While this is technically functional, it is certainly not ideal. I am probably going to try and implement Citrix Profile Management and see if that might help the situation.

I am also hoping that it goes well so I can move the XA hosts up to Windows 2016. I tried it before, and profiles were all fucky because 2016 implements a new profile version. My test user account had to recreate their Outlook profile, which is not acceptable for a large rollout.

By all accounts, this should be much simpler to accomplish. I guess we’ll see!