My non-hardcore playthrough started off actually really well. I spawned in directly above an abandoned spruce village with several houses, each with a bed in them. There was one chest that had really nothing of substance, but there are a ton of spider webs around which means I can craft a fishing pole immediately. Nice.

I started off up in a tree, so the first few minutes were spent crafting a table and a wood axe, then proceeding to chop my way down to the ground. This was a big tree with a 4-trunk so it took some time. After I explored the village a bit I started clearing out the mossy cobble that was all over the place above the ground. Unfortunately, you cannot use that for creating tools so I had to mine some regular cobble to get those.

I did some more exploring and found a house off to the side that I hadn’t seen previously. There was a chest in there that had some leather armor pieces. I also didn’t know you could right-click on a berry bush to harvest it and leave the plant in place, so that was nice. All in all, a good first day!