Keeping a journal like this is harder than I expected, especially considering what happens when I am underground for days at a time? I’d like to figure out some way to do a scoreboard timer or something that says what the day and time is. That would be really nice. Could be a forge mod or something? Who knows. Could also just record and follow the recording timer, or even have a timer on my desk that beeps at the 30 minute mark; which is close enough to a full Minecraft day to be worth it.

Day 5 was mostly spent exploring up and down the river for a jungle. I set off over the land for a while, but mostly nothing but oak and spruce and tall mountains. There are still 2 other driections I could go, so there is still hope, but it is seeming more and more like I am going to have to just use regular clear glass. A shame, really.

I also took some time to carve out some steps to continue connecting the village. Once that is all done and nice, with stairs and paths everywhere, I am going to fence the whole thing in. This is my village, and I am going to defend it!