I don’t know that I particularly like walking while doing shit, but it seems like it is more healthy for me. Instead of just sitting down at my computer all day, I spent a couple of hours walking on a treadmill. I build up a good sweat and seemingly get my pulse up. In this way I can still exercise while being in front of my computer all fucking day.

I read a review on this little writing device about how a person said they would just set this thing on their desk and write on it while they were walking on their treadmill. I don’t know that I feel that way really. I am writing this currently while walking, and it is whatever I guess, but I don’t know that I like it more than writing sitting down.

I can’t say whether it helps me think more or less, or that I can do more or less work while working. I guess maybe it just is what it is. No reason that it has to be more I guess.