I used to watch this YouTuber who talked about old DOS games. He wasn’t particularly innovative, but he was regular and thorough as far as games go. His channel has not grown since I started watching him like 6 years ago. Not that he is tiny, he has like 20k subs which is certainly not bad, but he has a shit ton of videos. You would think that by now he would have had a hit or something?

There is another guy who covers similar shit, and when I started watching they were around the same size. That guy now just crested 2M subs and it abolutely killing it.

Is it just that the first guy’s voice is super shitty and he seems to be unlikeable, while the second guy has a nice buttery voice and seems like someone you could be friends with in real life? Maybe. I wonder if it is more than that, though. The first guy is a fucking loser in real life; in his 30s and live with his mom or some shit. To contrast, the second guy was living on his own (or with roommates at times) when he started, so perhaps outwardly he was a more viable human.

In both cases they cover a lot of the same shit. There must be somthing that separates them, causing one to explode and the other to languish.