Basically, nothing for this project has gone the way I had hoped. I bought servers, but they are not ideal for a hyper-converged setup. I bought switches, but they were basically consumer grade. So I bought more switches, and that didn’t improve anything at all, so why did I fucking bother? I used all SSDs, but the throughput on them is fucking abysmal such to the extent that I wouldn’t even bother trying to sell this shit.

I think it all boils down to the fact that I should be hosting somewhere more local to me so that I can make changes when necessary. Right now, I have to take an entire weekend to go to Texas and back, spending God knows how much money on fuel and shit just to make a few changes. Unfortunately, it would be more costly to try and pay the remote hands to do that shit, so I have to handle it myself.

There are a few datacenters really local to me, and a shit ton of them within a couple of hours drive, which is significantly more manageable. Probably going to go with that after I spend some time with the servers set up here at my house to work out these bugs and figure out what the fuck I am doing wrong.