Everything, really. Work. Hosting. Life. Whatever. It’s something that I deal with on a daily basis. All of it.

I finally got to the point with my hosting thing I thought I wanted to be, and the performance is shit leading me to again believe I bought the wrong hardware. What is there left for me to do? I’ve elimintated the network as a possibility as at the moment transfers aren’t maxing out the 10G link. Are the CPUs not fast enough? Is there not enough RAM? Are the disks shit (answer is yes, but they should at least work for a while; not seeming to be the fucking case).

Work is fine really, but it is fucking boring. I invent things to keep myself busy under the guise I am doing it for the company, and to an extent I am, but ultimately the shit I do benefits me more. Like with the hosting thing I have two businesses I would really like to deploy a “local cloud” to, but if the ceph performance is this bad why would I? I could get 5x+ performance out of just doing RAID10 local disks and increasing their network bandwidth.

The whole thing is frustrating beyond end and I don’t have anywhere else to talk about it. Any of the forums I browse, if I was to bring this up I would either just get ignored or roasted. So I bitch about it here, where no one will ever read it, except maybe my kids after I’m dead.

Sorry I let you down guys.