Guy was talking about interning with this sculptor who was a cool guy, but literally only made dog and rabbit sculptures and paintings and stuff. Nothing else. Made a shit ton of money doing it apparently.

Sculptor told this guy to just do one thing everything. The same thing. Every day. Drawing, for this guy. He decided to draw this bird he saw, an Ibis (they call them Bin Chickens in Australia). Anyway, he starts doing this for a few months and gets bored. He sticks with it, and starts adding this social commentary around the drawings. Pretty soon he realizes that he has devloped something for himself in the process.

Doing one thing every day over and over again seems like a great way to learn and expand as it provides an opportunity to not only master something but also expand how you think about things. The problem is, what do I “draw” every day? I like way too much stuff to narrow it down, so that is something that I am going to work on I guess.