Not that she is not a great teacher, don’t get me wrong, I just think that she is pushing me out of the beginner class a little early. Let me explain.

There is numerous sections throughout the lesson plan where you need to practice specific keys and combinations; usually by typing words or nonsense character combinations like jfkdls;a or something. In these, she emphasizes getting 100% accuracy and not worrying about speed until later. I think in only one of these types of lessons did it hold me back more than once or twice, even though I never hit 100% accuracy in any of them.

Point is, if there was some way to just keep holding you back on that lesson no matter how many times you fail, I think that would be much better than just advancing you because you are bored or whatever.

I know this program was made for kids and such, but sesame street has proved that repetition builds childrens minds much better than just doing different stuff every day.