I had no idea there were this many keyboards available, and seriously no idea that people were as into as they are. There is a whole subset of people who just amke all of these custom keyboard designs and test them out, then shelve them and move on. I cannot imagine.

There are a few I am interested in, mainly flat-split keyboards like the Iris and the Nyquist, but the Dactyl/Manuform just looks too cool to not be interested in. I think that for that particular keyboard, I would need to develop a love for soldering; which I don’t see as happening. I would rather pay a bit more to get one made for me. Problem with that keyboard is it is so configurable, it is quite possible that whatever someone makes (a “default” layout I guess) wouldn’t fit you well enough to be usable.

The people that I have seen that are really happy with that keyboard are able to print out a new shell and tweak and test designs until they get it right. I cannot imaging the amount of work involved in that, but it is way more than I am interested in.

Still also interested in the ErgoDox EZ and Moonlander as well. Who knows, maybe I will just yolo and buy them all. I’ve done it before.