And more importantly, where can I fit into the equation? My kids watch a good bit of YouTube, and many of the things they watch I could easily reproduce. There are several channels where people are just playing with toys and you only see there hands, and they tell a little goofy story behind it. I could totally do that, but I don’t know that it is interesting to me and, therefore (sp? Who knows, I’m in a terminal window without spell check), I probably wouldn’t commit to it and it would shit the bed like everything else.

I like my little technology channel, but I worry that what I am doing there is not really going to hit the mark. I mean I have a few views and a couple of subs, but I’m not really happy with the videos I’ve done so far. I’ve always enjoyed watching video essays, but I don’t knwo that I want to commit to writing a 10k word script for a video. I had this thought about trying to do like 3-5 minute videos and script that, then just put whatever is relevant in the video itself. I’m sure that is like somewhere around 1k words, which I could probably do weekly., just have to figure out what topics to write about and such.

Also, this is my third blog post and my wrists are already starting to hurt, but I can type so much faster on my regular keyboard I guess it’s worth it. Hoping to change that.

The other idea I had was to try and craft a short story during a Minecraft play through. You know, like “I woke up on the beach and saw my ship in the distance. It was still burning, which reminded me what happened.” and then I could enact that in a Minecraft game, but I think the disconnect between the story and making it a reality would be too great. I can come up with the story, no problem. Just making it happen in game and filming it as such would probably be too challenging for something that I don’t want to commit all that much time to. The writing a script and just reading it? Probably no problem. I enjoy writing and being creative.

I’ll probably just have to try it and see what happens I guess.