I don’t know if it is necessarily anyone’s fault or anything, it just isn’t working out. It started with the installation taking fucking forever, then during the training he informed me I could have done it myself. Great. Then it was the marketing folks, and a failure to launch from there. Then it was working with some Virtuozzo partners on somethings, and that never worked out.

Then today I started messing with my cluster, I only have 1 VM on it that is running HostBill and my website. Well, I accidentally clicked the Reboot button when I was looking for something else and rebooted the server. No big deal, right? Well, after the 30 seconds it should have taken to come back up and it didn’t I opened the console. Stuck at a grub prompt. I power-cycled the VM and got back to the grub menu, selected the first entry like you would expect, same thing.

Sure, I could probably work it out and get the server running again, but that was really the only thing stopping me from tearing down the cluster and starting over, which assuming I can restore the off-site backups I’ve been taking, I am going to do.

I bought some more networking equipment and will make a trip to TX at the end of the month. Once everything is wired and configured how I want (I made A LOT of mistakes when deploying, some that are not suitable really for hands to fix), I’ll deploy a Kolla cluster with the 5 compute nodes and the 2 R610’s for controllers for now. Hopefully, at some point I can actually sell a VPS and feel vindicated with this whole adventure.