I got the stuff I need to fix the roof now; the glue, lap sealant, and a big piece of EPDM. As I’m sitting here thinking about how this is going to go, I come to realize that the piece I cut out is only over 1 stud and terminates between two. Anyone who has built something like this knows that this is not at all ideal, not just because you can put your foot through it, but also because it will flex with the RV. Looks like I need to do a bit more trimming and get to the next stud, about half-way through it. Ideally, my piece will start on a stud and end on a stud, that should provide the stongest connection. I have plenty of EPDM and I think I have plenty of 3/8 OSB as well, so it shouldn’t be an issue. I hate to cut further into the roof, but this seems like the proper way to fix this thing up.