I can’t be certain, but I probably mentioned I am buying a fifth wheel RV from my in-laws that has been sitting for a few years now. Overall, it’s in good shape. Certainly needs some cleaning and some touchups and stuff, but I was under the impression it was nearly good to go.

Except that when I washed it, I noticed that part of the trim in the back that holds the roof on had pulled up. That’s not good. Turns out, it did pull up and water got underneath and soaked about a 12” x 12” section right under the ladder; somewhere I hadn’t thought of checking for whatever reason. It doesn’t stink, so that is good, but it’s still a problem that needs to be fixed.

I had this idea of pulling up a bit of the roof and putting a bunch of those silica dessicant packs in there, then taping it shut and letting it mellow until I can work on it. I don’t think it will get any worse, and it might even get it dry (or a least more dry than it is currently). Dunno if this is a bad idea or not, a yolo is a yolo is a yolo!