It seems like any time I start to make progress on some part of whatever I am working on I have an idea that basically overwhelms me and takes over any progress I am making. It’s like this with construction stuff (e.g. constantly changing my mental design for the roof for my RV car port), to my “hosting” business (e.g. virtuozzo self-managed, to managed, to juju charmed openstack, to kolla, to solus io, back to VHI, to whatever), just seems to arrest any progress I have made. It doesn’t help that I made some configuration errors, or rather cabling and management errors, last time I was in Dallas and I need to get those taken care of. I am hesitant to ask the DC to do it for me because for one I don’t know that I have the available network ports where I need, and two it would require a bit of finagling to get what I want done working.

I dunno, maybe I just need to take a step back and assess what I have and see what it would take to just get a minimum viable product out there.