I’m kind of having wrist pain and a general weakness in my fingers again. I was recording a video and I literally had to do a take 10 times because I kept typing things wrong on camera. Eventually, I just started typing really slowly to get it right the first time. I think this is maybe a combination of my brain thinking I can still type whatever insane WPM I used to be able to type, and my fingers being like “remember when you ran a chainsaw for 6 hours the other day? not happening bud.”

This made me start looking at keyboards again, because I don’t feel like the most recent one I bought (MSI Kailh Box White) is curtting it anymore. I used a WASD CODE keyboard for a long time, but eventually I just felt like it was straining me more than it should.

Maybe I should go back to the old-fashioned Dell OEM High-Key membrane keyboard of the early 2000s. That was a damn good keyboard, still is if you can find one in half-way deceent condition.