I’ve been playing Minecraft for a long time, but only over the past year or so have I messed with Hardcore mode; this is where you get 1 life and all the mobs are on hard mode. The challenge is to survive 100 in-game days (about 33 hours), but what I am doing is trying to beat the ender dragon on HC. So far I think the farthest I’ve gotten is like 15 hours or so, almost always I get killed by a creeper exploding when I am trying to mine.

The lesson: Look where you are mining I guess, otherwise maybe it would be better to just enclose myself when I am doing something somewhere dangerous? Who knows, I’m not really learning from my mistakes it seems. The other day I was doing really well, I was in a cave and had cleared out most of the mobs and had it lit. I had a load of iron I should have gone back to smelt, but I wanted to explore this outcropping first. I saw a zombie and show with my bow, but an enderman got in the way and got mad at me. I ran back to a puddle of water but he got to me first and I died.

Maybe there is not a lesson to be learned? Just trying to get better at playing Minecraft I guess is lesson enough.