Sometimes you get so far behind on something that you feel like you will never be able to catch up. This has historically been my attitude on things of a daily nature; whether it is writing, checking backups, doing specific tasks, whatever. I’ve tried several things over the years; notably Habitica which is a todo list system that rewards you for completing tasks. None of them have really worked.

In the end, the only thing that works is to just not get down about being behind and just catch up. No matter how far back you are, catch up. For this blog specifically in December I think I caught up for two weeks of missed posts. That seemed like a lot, but then you realize that you are just (in this case) expressing your thoughts and feelings, and that a post doesn’t have to conform to anything specifically. Just write whatever you want to write and get on with it.

Just don’t get too discouraged about being behind, because remember, you can always just catch up.