I recorded the second part of a small video series on installing oVirt on CentOS. Firstly, the docs that the developer provides are pretty inadequate. Like many things, other folks have compiled more thorough write-ups on this subject that I should have stuck to.

Anyway, at the end of about an hour or so of tasks running, it failed and the log doesn’t appear to have any helpful information in it.

This is one of the core principals of IT; fail, and fail fast. I’ve installed OpenStack probably 100+ times over my testing and learning experience. In all that time I have learned so much about OpenStack deployment that I can accurately troubleshoot many issues that come up now. Not all of them, but I don’t get stuck nearly as often.

Since this is the first time I’v ever messed with oVirt it is more understandable. I am going to take another crack at it with some different documentation and we’ll see how it goes!