So I’ve been playing some Minecraft off and on. Hardcore mode, 1.13.2. I don’t recall what I was doing the first time, but I died. I was pissed so I immediately ALT-F4 and close Minecraft. A little while later I was curious as to how long I had survived in the game, so I re-opened intending to go into spectator mode.

I was back in my game.

Quickly I had to get out of the situation I was in that caused me to die, but I could continue on playing the game.

Fast forward a while and it happens again; I drowned when messing around with something else. Same deal, immediately closed pissed off. Same deal, re-opened for spectator mode to see how long I lasted. Same deal, still underwater but was able to save myself.

The question is: should I keep playing even though I have now died twice in this world?