I hav a pair of these old SuperMicro E3-1230v1 servers in a colo. When I was there last week, I wanted to reset the IPMI passwords on them just to make sure I had them. I didn’t get to it, and I also didn’t have the correct passwords recorded.

It happens.

I ended up having the DC connect a spider to the one I couldn’t get into and rebooting into single user mode to reset the root password (I decommissioned the server that had the ssh key for it), then I used IPMICFG to reset the IPMI password. Easy peesy.

Now I am trying to install a new OS and it’s just sticking there. It hits the initial boot, and I think that it is (for some reason) hanging at trying to load the ISO over.

I’m going to try connecting to IPMI from a server on site and see if it goes any better. But seriously though, wtf? This thing is giving me tons of problems.