I have been messing with this diet where I only drink liquid (protein shakes and V8) during the week, then eat on the weekends. That is really the only diet I have ever been able to stick with, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for me. No blood pressure reduction (even after dropping 95% of my caffeine intake), and not really any noticable weight loss. My wife found another option for dieting which we have tried previously, but this one is a little more dedicated.

Intermittent fasting is a process wherein you only eat for a strict period of time during the day, the you do not ingest any calories the rest of the time. We have previously done this with moderate success, eating between noon and 8pm. We are now trying it with only eating 4 hours a day, so basically a starting meal, a snack, and an ending meal. So far so good, it is not difficult to stick with so far.

The only real problem with the all-liquid is the inevitable slip, then the feeling of “oh, I messed up already, might as well eat.” Once I hit that it was over for that day, and sometimes for the rest of the week as well. This newer plan does allow me to eat every day which seems to satisfy my mental need to eat whether I am hungry or not, so we’ll see if I can stick with it.