Documentation is something that no IT person wants to do, but they get pissed when none exists during a crisis. I am kind of in the middle; I don’t mind doing it so much, but typically do not keep up on it like I should. I have a friend who doens’t use any password manager or anything, he just remembers all of those passwords and shit. I can dig that to an extent, but what happens if he leaves the company? All that shit goes with him. Job security I guess.

I’ve used various documentation platforms over the years, but none of them completely scratch the itch. I have heard that IT Glue hits a lot of those points, but is more expensive than I would like to pay. I know that it is basically a pittence, but when there are SO MANY open source wiki’s and things like that it is hard to justify.

Similarly, GitLab is a fantastic product, but doesn’t have any provisions for storing secure data and is an absolute pig as far as resource usage goes. MediaWiki is possible, but also doesn’t have any secure provisions.

Ultimately, I’d like something that I can expose to the public internet with a reasonable amount of security, and something that I can access from my phone that I can store all of this shit in. Maybe I will build something, or maybe I will just shut up and keep everything written on post-it notes like I have been!