I think that going forward I am going to concentrate my energy on Kolla and keeping this vibe going. I am feeling really good about it, and it seems to have been treating me well. Moving forward I think I am going to provision my four hardware nodes as a Ceph cluster and try to add that cluster to the existing Kolla deployment. I know this isn’t meeting my ultimate end-goal of having a hyper-converged setup, but if I can do this and get it to work I think I can parlay that into getting the setup I want running.

I also bought a bunch of used Mellanox 56G networking gear, so I am going to shove that in some servers and see what comes of up. Hopefully I can get that ceph performance up, because as it stood it was basically unusable. I mean, 14MB/s is like floppy disk speeds, no good for doing anything I/O intensive at all.