I feel like I mention on here the fact that I try things and fail, then try again and fail, often. I am a very conflicted person in this aspect, as when I fail I really just want to say fuck it and give up right then. Take Minecraft for example. The last few times I died in my Hardcore world I literally uninstalled the game and deleted my .minecraft folder. Later on that day or the next I decided that was a bad idea so I reinstalled and started a new game. Point is, though I get discouraged OFTEN, I don’t often give up entirely.

OpenStack is a good example of this as well. Though MANY of my install attempts end in failure a wasted time of upwards of 4-6 hours, I don’t ever (or should I say haven’t ever) given up completely. Even when I was hot on OpenStack-Ansible and it kept shitting the bed, I took a break for a few months but I didn’t sell my gear or something. In fact, I came across a deal on a 4-node server unit so I bought that and started the whole process all over again.

Getting frustrated is fine, in fact it is encouraged. Taking breaks is fine, and is also highly encouraged. Sometimes that time you take off allows you to unconciously approach the problem from a different angle, and in doing so you might just find the answer. This has happened to me a lot with programming where I have an idea how something should work and it doesn’t so I put it down, only to later think up the answer and have it work like I wanted.

Just keep plugging away and you will eventually get to where you want, or need, to go.