Pitfalls of Free WordPress Hosting To Beware Of

This is not necessarily a poorly written article or anything, it’s just not at all the “gotcha” that I feel like they were going for. Of course there is no support, shitty performance, shit or no backups, etc. You aren’t going to get the red carpet when you aren’t paying for shit, and even though they are displaying “ads” on your site, you likely aren’t getting any traffic anyway so they aren’t making anything from that. If your site had traffic you would pay for hosting, simple as that.

What is kind of funny is that after I have read this a few times, it looks like it is more of some kind of bootleg SEO article or something. They mention a very-specific UAE-based WordPress hosting site as a paid option, an no others.

In whichever case want to take it, free WordPress hosting is not meant to be taken as a permanent solution for your high-traffic website. Save yourself the trouble and just get some paid hosting.