I know there is always this push for new Minecraft servers to be “original”, but is that really necessary? It seems that in the pursuit of this originality we have basically stepped away from what Minecraft actually is; a game of survinging and thriving and building.

I’ve been watching a lot of Minecraft videos on YouTube recently and it seems like most servers are moving farther and farther away from vanilla, instead opting for something in between fully balls-out modded and vanilla as a “happy medium”. While I applaud the effort and love to see people having a good time, I dunno. They just get boring I guess. Even trying to go back to Performium, you cannot help but to participate in the crate system and that shit basically takes the fun out of it. You are just given diamonds so much so that when I was mining for fun at a base I would just leave them behind and not actively seek them. They are effectively worthless. At least Lapis has a use as an enchanting mat, what’s the point of grabbing diamonds if you can just get any d-tools and d-armor you need with no effort?

I’m sure there is some middle ground somewhere that would hit all the points, I just haven’t found it yet.