I mean literally none of them are functional. It’s almost like they don’t want anyone new to learn how to use the system for fear of losing their job security or something. Even the “OpenStack on Rails” Microstack from Canonical doesn’t work. I mean what the fuck? It is literally two commands, from their own website, and it is not functional. Sure, you can launch a CirrOS instance from the command line and ping it from the host, and you can even ssh to it from the host, but that is where it stops. There is no route outside, and deploying any other OpenStack image (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, etc.) is not even that functional; even with using their special command “microstack launch --name ".

It is really disheartening. I am starting to wonder if this is like how when a woman (or a man) shys away from you when you are courting them it makes you want them more. Maybe that’s what they are doing here by providing literal shit documentation and no active forums or methods of getting help other than the obligatory “RTFM NOOB”