I’ve gone through every approved method of installing and setting up OpenStack, and literally none of them work as they are supposed to according to their own documents. The one that gets the closest is MicroStack by Canonical. While I could reliably get a VM up and running, it never has any network access. I messed around with changing networks and such, but since I can’t tell what VLAN it thinks it is on I am unable to get anywhere with it.

PackStack is probably the worst offender of them all, since it has all of these claims of getting an AIO up and running so easily. Yeah, not so. I went through all of the commands and, in the end, the packstack setup command just times out. I found a forum post on this talking about increasing the timeout value if you are on older hardware (I am), so I did to their recommended 600s up from 300s. No dice. I even went so far as to increase it to 30000s and still times out.

At least if I try and use OSA(OpenStack Ansible) there are people I can talk to about what is going on. I got pretty far with that one, might be worth another look.

One thing I will say for the whole Canonical/Juju setup is that it introduced me to MAAS (Metal as a Service). That is absolutely fantastic and would have saved me TONS of time had I know more about it when I first started on this stuff.