This subject comes up a lot, so I thought I would post this here in case someone was searching for it. Hopefully it helps. Currently, Fleio is not capable of moving anything between regions; every location has to have their own images, VMs, etc..

  1. Install the OpenStack commandline client on Ubuntu 20.04
  2. Grab your openrc from the API Users tab for the SOURCE location. You can go ahead and grab one for the destination as well.
  3. Source the openrc file (source openrc, duh)
  4. You can then do

    openstack image list to get a list of the images available to you. Grab the UUID of the one you want to download

  5. Execute

    openstack image save –file To download the image to your local machine. There is no progress indicator, just let it do its thing.

  6. Source the desintation openrc
  7. Execute

    openstack image create –disk-format qcow2 –container-format bare –file <image name (no spaces)> To create the new image. Again, no progress indicator here.

  8. If you want to just make a new VM now, you can do the following

    openstack flavor list To get the UUID of the flavor you want openstack server create –image <new image uuid, gotten from openstack image list if needed> –flavor <server-name (no spaces)>

And thats it! You are moved from one location to the other. Remember to terminate any resources no in use to save some money there, as even a stopped instance will continue to incur charges.