I was poking around on the Steam store and saw a game that basically ticked all my boxes. You are on a space station, alone, and you don’t have to fight. I love exploring games and those walking simulators that are out there, so I figured this was right up my alley. They said in the description that it was meant to be a 30-50 minute experience. Great. I can get through it and get back to life. I went to click the button to purchase it and noticed that it was free. Instantly, any desire I had to play the game was gone.

There are times when free stuff is absolutely amazing. Usually, in my opinion, it is where there is a scarcity of that item, or that maybe it is something harder to get than normal. A space station walking simulator is not exactly a novel idea, I probably have 5-6 of them in my library already that I have played all the way through and paid money for. If it was perhaps a space station buiilding simulator or something that might be different. Not that I have any less respect for the developer or anything, they have already done more than I have.

I guess it’s just internalized that free stuff on Steam is not worth your time.

Whether that is correct or not is up to your own experience and interpretation.