It’s funny how some things provoke such optimsm that one thinks that they can actually do the things they want to do. Like seeing a game that you had a similar idea for, but these people twisted it just enough that in your own mind it becomes an achievable goal. Or when you have been pecking at something for a long time and all of the sudden you find the right command switch and the shit actually works, albeit with some caveats differing from what you originally intended.

I came across this game on Steam called Melvor Idle which takes all of the stuff in RuneScape and breaks it down into just a bunch on menus and the raw data. A really interesting concept that I think could be applied to COTW. Instead of working out dungeon generation, for example, it could just be a “move” button or even ordinal directions that the player would move. Each square would have a random chance at an event happening. Things like nothing (obviously), see something to one direction, a monster, a chest, an item, stairs, whatever, could all be tuned to happen in a relatively balanced frequency.

Best of all is that it wouldb’t be limited to just a C#/.NET/Native program; I could do this in RoR, PHP, or whatever other language I fancied at the time. Even in that thought it could help me expand my programming ability because if I already have the code in one language, it could be fun to “port” it to another one.

Lots of possibilities here!