For the most part, it is easy to not eat during the week. I mean I am technically eating because I am injesting calories, but I am not eating solid food. I can do this pretty easily usually.

Today I just felt compelled to stuff my face for some reason. It was a mildly stressful day with a lot of things going on, but nothing that was like outside the scope of what I am capable of doing, so I didn’t really have a reason for it.

The only real bad part about not eating during the week is that the shit you have on Saturday is pretty bad, solid AF, and that when you injest a bunch of salt (e.g. chicken nuggets and fries like I am fond of) after not doing so for a week I get cramped up really bad.

In any case, I just need to do it and stick to it. I did it for 3 months at the start of covid, I can certainly break that record.