I told people at work that I found the last piece of my puzzle (2FA - YubiKey) before I could switch to a Pine Phone full time and they said I am brave. Hahah

I bought a pair of YubiKey devices and need to get them set up, but it seems like that is the way to go. Most of the places I have checked allow for multiple authentication devices (for a backup), but it feels like it is going to be the win.

So long as I can get my Pine Phone (I ordered another mainboard and it will be here the week after Thanksgiving) activated on Verizon, and can get a standard size sim card for it, I should be good to go. Seems that calling and texting are fully functional so that is basically what I want it to do. Most all of my alerting is through SMS now, so that is no longer a concern. I can forward my office phone to my number like I used to do so that is no longer a concern. I think I am ready to go!

I think even worst case scenario I have that Pixel 2 XL that has UBports on it that should technically work, probably just have to call Verizon and get it attached to my account or whatever. We’ll figure it out one way or the other.