I know that I have gone through this game several times in my life, start to finish. I remember much of the game, like the various Jotuns you meet on the way down through the caves. What I don’t remember is how hard this damn game is. Like I’m not getting good drops, and what I’m seeing in the shops is not what I need. Perhaps I had been playing on Easy previously? Sounds like something I would do.

I am currently playing on the Normal difficulty, which should be fine for someone who has played the game a lot. Weird that it is so hard. The crashes I have experienced are disheartening. Luckily I have taken to backing up my save file often so I haven’t really lost any progress (other than the times I have forgot to save, but that is my own fault). In any case, I might make another fresh run at the game and try to spec differently. Who knows, there is probably a guide that someone has written on how to do it right.