I had the intention of starting another novel during this month, but we are now three days in and I only have stuff in my head. I kind of figured this would happen, I’ve had this particular idea rattling around in my head for a few months now. What I need to do is spend an hour or two and write out a loose outline for the story, then just get going on it. You don’t really need to worry about word count or chapter length and shit, as it is all subjective anyway. I’ve read books where a chapter is routinely 2-3 pages, and some where most of the book is one chapter.

The key to this, and to really anything that you want to commit to like a diet, or exercising, or building something, or whatever, is to not beat yourself up when you miss a day or two. I’ve messed up the first two days of this week on my diet by eating, but if I can get back on the horse today and continue on all will be forgiven. You cannot dwell on the old shit as that will continually weigh you down and keep you from succeeding.