The Journey Down is a point-and-click adventure game with an interesting development history. I played through the first few games basically straight through and had a great time. There was a fairly significant delay before the third episode was put out, maybe 6-12 months or something, and I immediately bought the game when it came out. However. HOWEVER. I have only launched it once or twice and never was able to play it. Not that it didn’t work, I just wasn’t interested. This tends to happen for me and is the primary reason why if I buy a game in early access I will typically not play it until it releases (read: never, I forget I wanted it).

I think what I need to do here is go back and play through the first two games again, then start the third with fresh memories. The story is concurrent and goes together really well, and I am genuinely looking forward to it.

The same kind of thing happened with the game Deliver Us The Moon, which I played through as far as I could when it released. The rest of the game came out, and I just never wanted to pick it back up. I think that finally when I had forgotten enough about the story I was able to go back and play through the whole thing and had a fantastic time, learning about what really happened up there all over again. Really a great game, hoping to have the same time with The Journey Down.