I know in my heart that no system is without flaw. I know this. Yet, when paying for something you have this inherent expectation that it work, and often that it works the way that you want it to. This is not the case always, and lately it seems like its never the case.

The further I get into this the more I view it as a money pit rather than the potential opportunity I once did. Things don’t work the way I want them to, and it’s just becoming more and more frustrating. I feel like I probably am getting into this way too late, and that I should have gotten on board when there were still allocations to give out from the origin rather than having to bootleg them from 3rd parties or lease them.

That’s where the real money is anyway; in the allocations. You can’t really get any better than $1/ea/mo, and that quickly adds up. You can easily resell for $2-3/ea/mo, so there is some profit to be made, but not as much as if you just owned it and sold them for $1/ea/mo like everyone else.