People will literally ask the stupidest, simplest questions and get indignent when they are told that. I am no exception to this. Are people just natural prone to not wanting to do shit for themselves, and instead just ask someone else? Maybe the people that are prone to do the work themselves are the ones that succeed? Or at least, the ones that are the people that everyone goes to for those questions.

I’ve always wanted to be that person, but I tend to be the one asking the stupid questions instead. On some stuff I am an authority I guess, but not as much stuff as I should be given my experience and education. I wonder if that is just a mindset you can change? Like, when I get the urge to ask a question I just search the internet for it instead or something? I mean, that is probably something we all should be doing anyway I guess.

I thought it would get better when not working around other people in this field, but it seems to have gotten worse. I’ve gone on IRC and discords and stuff in search of answers, and usually the answer is easy and something I should have already known.

Like the whole VM storage redundancy thing I’ve been struggling with. It’s been so hard to wrap my mind around, when all along it was just a matter of installing and setting up CEPH separately from OpenStack, then just making the connection during the playbook run. Why was that so hard for me to grasp? I don’t know that it actually works that way, but it seems to me to be a more straightforward path than trying to do that shit all through the playbooks or whatever. I got literally nowhere doing it that way.