When I first started doing this, I was unaware that most people rebuild their Citrix/RDS servers annually. I found this out in like, 2019 I think after the servers had been in place for a bit over 2 years. At that time I started planning on replacing them, but never quite got around to it. I started at it a couple of times, but never really got very far. By that time my version of Storefront was too out of date to easily upgrade to a new version, so I was stuck on an older version and with an older XA version too. This is not the end of the world, as I did have the forethought to install an LTSR (long term service release) version of the software, so it has received updates as late as August of 2021. So that’s not a huge deal.

I’ve been working on a 2016 server (currently using 2012R2) and I got it all prepped and all the apps installed. I wrote earlier about my trouble getting XA to register, but I got past that as well. I started testing it yesterday, and it absolutely would not pull down my roaming profile. Damn. I started looking more and it turns out that every fucking version of Windows server has quirks with profiles, and as such, it implemented a

.V6. The .V2 from 2012 was bad enough, now everyone is supposed to have 3 directories in the terminal services profile folder. Ugh. I was sitting there and I thought about just rolling a new 2012R2 server. Why not? It's not technically EOL until 2023, which will give me the time to figure out a proper solution to this problem and roll out new 2016/2019 servers after the next season. Sweet!