I am moving away from iPhone. This time, I’m really going to do it. I’ve been approaching the whole thing wrong, I think, there are WAY easier ways to do things. Instead of having to write a native app to do push notifications, I can just set a 1m cron job to run and make a notification if there is something to notify about. Or I can use SMS messages for notifications. They are kind of annoying, but work on any platform. I am dumping Pulseway (which I have just been using for notifications for a long time anyway) in favor of a logon/logoff scripts that makes a call to a powershell script that makes a post call to a quick PHP site. From there, I can push out SMS text and write shit to a MySQL db for future analysis. I would be really nice if, at some point in the future, I could take something like the IP address they are logging in from (this rarely changes if they are at their normal location) and alert if it is a different one. That is basically what I was using the Pulseway notifications for, but now I have fixed that.

I actually might just try the SMS notifications now since I have everything else in place. Would be so much easier as I can just send a message to @vtext.com and it comes through as a text message (thank you Verizon for this outdated and probably overlooked function).