And no, I don’t really have a reason. I’ve ALWAYS romanticized writing a book, and if you’ve read any of these posts you would know I’ve gotten somewhat into writing a book already (maybe 1/10th of the way, which is a lot when you consider I have no motivation to do anything ever). That epilogue from On a Pale Horse (I think) really got me motivated. Piers Anthony is probably my favorite writer, so easy to follow along with and seems like a regular guy. Not a pompous asshole some like other writers.

Anyway, I found a vintage (1930’s-ish) typewriter on eBay and it was pretty inexpensive. I sniped it at the end for about $70 shipped. I searched beforehand and found that ribbon for it is easily attainable, and the seller said it looked like it worked, so i thought what the hell. Why not get another tool that will sit on my side table and collect dust :)