I came to the realization today that learning by repetition is the best way to learn. That is likely why shows like Blue’s Clues and Sesame Street play the same episode (or same segments) every day for a week. That repetition helps kids learn the concepts they are trying to teach. The same goes for adults it seems.

I’ve always wanted to take another shot at starting a YouTube channel, or a podcast, or whatever, but I’m always discouraged because most if not all of the topics I would want to cover have been covered. Realistically, this doesn’t matter. There is room enough for everyone, so long as your content isn’t utter garbage. Take someone like TheQuartering or Tim Pool for example. They don’t typically add anything to the content they make, they are just reading news articles and shit. And they are both doing extremely well for themselves it would seem.

Granted, they are humorous and they sometimes have interesting takes on what they are talking about, but Tim has said on numerous occasions most of his time is spent researching news articles for the next day’s shows. Anyone can do this shit (and a lot of people do), but it takes a certain person to excel at it.

Maybe with enough practice, I can be a somebody too.