At the beginning of the year I started writing a book. Not targetted as “young adult” specifically, it does feature a younger protagonist (17) and is science-fiction in nature. I made what I consider to be great progress at the start, with several days seeing upwards of 3000 words a day. Then it just kind of, faded from my conciousness. Never really completely, as I keep a tab open with the book sitting there. I’ve gone back to it once when trying out the London Writers Salon, but those aren’t really my type of people. I don’t know that there is a group that would be a better fit though, as this type of artistic endeavour generally attracts different folks than me. Probably why it is difficult to complete this task.

I think about the path I want the book to take and the places I want to write about and it is exciting. Don’t get me wrong. But apparently it is not exciting enough to convince me to get it done. Maybe its a factor of having so many other things to do, or that I am a lazy piece of shit, who knows. Probably getting some of those other things done (which I am trying to do) will help. Time will tell!