So there is this feature in the Windows Update settings called something like “Give me updates for other Microsoft projects when I update”. What they don’t tell you is that “other Microsoft products” is shit that is integral with the operating system, so if you don’t have that checked you are not necessarily up to date. I use Pulseway for some monitoring and stuff and it has an update setting, but that doesn’t seem to get everything either. It is defnitely frustrating to see shit on the Nessus report and try and fix it, but not find any sort of update or any way to actually do it.

My one remaining Windows Server 2008R2 server is a prime example of this. It is EOL (end of life) and not receiving mainstream update support any longer. Nessus keeps reporting I’m missing a few updates, which I have managed to find on the Windows Update site. However, you cannot install them if you haven’t paid for an extended support license or whatever. That is fucking garbage. Look, I know I shouldn’t have this fucking server any more, but just give me the updates you pieces of shit.