Though I’ve done this quite a few times during this experiment, I am labing this one specifically as a make up. Why? I don’t know. When you are writing just to write, or for practice, I’m telling myself that the content basically doesn’t matter. So long as I can get my thoughts out there and get in the habit of writing every day, maybe something good will come of it.

I came across this really cool Fallout Guide on the Steam forums which makes a lot more sense than what I had been doing before. I always just picked one of the default characters, but this guy says those are trash and I tend to agree. I’ve also learned that I should be using VATS which was very instinctual in Fallout 3 and beyond, but not here. I made a new character per their specs and tried it, doing 12-15 damage with the 10mm pistol right off the bat is way better than I’ve done before.

Also got a reminder that I have never actually finished Deliver Us the Moon. The last time I played it they hadn’t finished up the last part of it, so you get so far and then there is just like a closed door and that is it. I reinstalled it, because I did mean to play though the whole thing. Really a fascinating game, it’s kind-of post-apocalyptic where the Earth is shit and there is a space accident you have to go investigate. There is a rocket ship to go up, but you have to complete several tasks before it can launch and there is a sand storm coming or something like that. Anyway, I’m going to go do that now.